Stunning Cement Landscaping Services in El Paso TX

Stamped concreteEl Paso is a beautiful city in the far west side of Texas, the home of stunning, world famous buildings like Wells Fargo Plaza and Chase Towers. The natural landscape of this city is simply breathtaking while friendly locals make it a great place to reside. Thankfully, there are several activities in the city ensuring that residents afford and maintain a good home. Unfortunately, many houses are simply shelters with a yard, as owners have little time for beautification. Landscaping is important for any space and the materials used may vary according to the home owners’ taste. Most of those who bother, keep to natural landscapes but those can be difficult to maintain in harsh a climate, calling for something stronger than plants to improve compound aesthetics.

Concrete Landscaping as an Option

Concrete has been used as a building material for as long as anyone can remember. Welcome to EP Landscape Contractors, in El Paso Tx, where we show you how beautiful concrete can make your space if handled by our professionals. Most of us believe landscaping is all about nature but how about if you can add some stunning concrete designs to that landscape?

The material is fast becoming a landscaper’s favorite material for its durability among other factors:

  • Concrete was traditionally used for floors, sidewalks or patios but experimentation proved it perfect for sinks, counter tops and even outdoor waterscapes.
  • Concrete offers phenomenal design flexibility because it can be shaped, cut, stamped, dyed, or colored to suit individual preferences.
  • Unlike many materials used for landscaping, concrete is low maintenance as it is resistant to weeds in addition to the fact that cleaning is easy.
  • Easy installation makes concrete a cost effective means of beautifying outdoor space

At EP Landscape Contractors, home owners will appreciate the design possibilities of concrete, the material that promises the ultimate high end look without a massive price tag.

Concrete Landscape Applications

We specialize in many types of applications including resurfacing, exposed aggregate, stained and stamped concrete which is popular among clients. Stamped concrete has lots of curb appeal according to many, and being solid slabs, there is very little to no chance for weeds growing out of cracks.

We are sought after for making high quality retaining walls to support soil and prevent damage to your landscape due to soil erosion. Retaining walls make great additions to the aesthetics as they are simple, and economic to use. Our professionals are great at building such walls for they understand the city’s building codes, and regulations to prevent problems as you try to beautify your home in El Paso, Texas.

Experienced professionals

Concrete is a great tool to enhance your home or office but unless you are qualified, never attempt to use it to prevent major messes. It helps to work with highly trained professionals who know how to use it for the desired effect at the least price, time and disturbance. Our company is committed to excellence and will work with your ideas.

Besides our experience with concrete, our professionals have special customer skills that make them polite and friendly listeners whose only desire is to transform your landscape using phenomenal concrete designs. We will work as quietly as possible on your living space and clean it up so well that you can promptly enjoy it. Unlike other landscaping companies, hiring us is a great deal, for you will not need to pay for cleaning when we leave.

Tips and Free Estimate

Our website is a wealth of information about landscaping so you can get answers to questions and make arrangements with ease. The content on our site is designed to help customers learn the important role of concrete as a landscaping material. We provide customers with free estimates so that they are able to budget for their landscaping needs.

If you live in El Paso, TX there is surely no excuse for a gray, uninspiring landscape. We are here to ensure that residents of this beautiful city remain surrounded by stunning landscape at low cost. Take a chance with us and thank us later for using simple concrete to give you the home of your dreams. We can manage small to large cement landscaping projects depending on your budget. We hope to change El Paso and make it a beautiful concrete landscape


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